Way back in 2005 I signed up to do a DTS through YWAM. I knew I’d be spending at least 2-3 months traveling somewhere in Asia and asked my parents for a camera to help document my adventure. I’d never owned one before and was beyond stoked when I opened up a Fuji E550 for Christmas is 2004. I only had a 756mb XD card for over 2 months of traveling, so I was constantly deleting images from the card to make room for more. I’m so sad to never know those photos that I hastily deleted. Having these issues was terrible, but it inspired me to invest in a camera since I ABSOLUTELY fell in love with photography over my trip.

The imagery of India is incredible. The colors, the landscape, but most of all, the people.
I can only dream of going back in the next few years.

india-01 INDIA // 2005

india-02 INDIA // 2005

india-04 INDIA // 2005

india-06 INDIA // 2005

india-07 INDIA // 2005

india-08 INDIA // 2005

india-09 INDIA // 2005

india-10 INDIA // 2005

india-11 INDIA // 2005

india-13 INDIA // 2005

india-14 INDIA // 2005

india-15 INDIA // 2005

india-16 INDIA // 2005

india-17 INDIA // 2005

india-181 INDIA // 2005

india-19 INDIA // 2005

india-20 INDIA // 2005

india-21 INDIA // 2005

india-22 INDIA // 2005

india-23 INDIA // 2005

india-26 INDIA // 2005

india-24 INDIA // 2005

india-27 INDIA // 2005

india-25 INDIA // 2005

india-30 INDIA // 2005

india-31 INDIA // 2005

india-32 INDIA // 2005

india-33 INDIA // 2005

india-34 INDIA // 2005

india-36 INDIA // 2005

india-38 INDIA // 2005

india-40 INDIA // 2005

india-41 INDIA // 2005

india-42 INDIA // 2005

india-43 INDIA // 2005

india-44 INDIA // 2005

india-45 INDIA // 2005

india-46 INDIA // 2005

india-47 INDIA // 2005

india-48 INDIA // 2005

india-49 INDIA // 2005

india-50 INDIA // 2005

india-51 INDIA // 2005

india-53 INDIA // 2005

india-54 INDIA // 2005

india-55 INDIA // 2005

india-56 INDIA // 2005

india-57 INDIA // 2005

india-58 INDIA // 2005

india-59 INDIA // 2005

india-60 INDIA // 2005

india-61 INDIA // 2005

india-62 INDIA // 2005

india-63 INDIA // 2005

india-64 INDIA // 2005

india-65 INDIA // 2005

india-66 INDIA // 2005

india-67 INDIA // 2005

india-68 INDIA // 2005

india-69 INDIA // 2005

india-70 INDIA // 2005

india-71 INDIA // 2005

india-72 INDIA // 2005

india-74 INDIA // 2005

india-75 INDIA // 2005

india-76 INDIA // 2005

india-77 INDIA // 2005

Big thanks to the people at VSCO for helping make these images look great.


These are amazing! Thanks for sharing these dude!

Beautiful. I regularly feel regret when I remember deleting the very first image. If it counts at all the grid of those yellow cabs is captured in my mind forever. I have this delusional idea that I am going to go back to the Salvation Army hostel in downtown Mumbai and re-take that photo.

beautiful. I would love to go on a misson trip. This was so long ago, and you can just tell that you have had a natural eye for photography even back then! Also, I really dig this shot: http://benjhaisch.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/india-32.jpg
I like the colors and the movement. :)

Love India and always love your work Benj.

Amazing. No other word for it.

What an amazing collection. Yep, you had “the eye” even back then. Too many moving images to list!

How awesome to have these photos from your trip. They are fantastic!

Absolutely breathetaking photos!

I think this shows us that the eye is the most important piece of equipment a photographer has, these impressive. It makes me want to go back and re-edit some of my older photos.

Really enjoyed looking through these, Benj. Thanks for sharing!

Awesome photos! So cool that you went back to your earliest images – they’re really beautiful. You clearly have innate talent. Very impressive.

Wow… truly amazing! The images of the children really captivated me!

The proof that a good photographer doesn’t need the greatest and latest gear. Love all the images. Long time wishing to visit India but you’ve made my mind. 2013 is the year.

SO amazing, considering the equipment and the (lack of) experience! The first prayer flag shot with them blowing– so, so, so good.

These are all beautiful, Benj. Fantastic compositions :)

The fact that these were shot with a p&s, and you knew nothing about photography just blows me away. I would be thrilled if I took a lot of these right now. Stunning, Benj. Just shows how much raw talent you have.

Just come back from India…I wish I also went to Leh..it looks so good!!

Always enjoy seeing personal work.

Nice Benj! These photos pretty much prove that you’ve always been a photographer – even before you knew it!

This is what happens when God blesses someone with the gift of photography. Beautiful!

I love the ones with the kids. 44-46 just get to me! I’ve never had the chance to do a DTS but I sure hope my boys do. They’ll be armed with cameras and lots of memory.

Thanks for the reminder–again–that it’s not the gear :)

WOW! These are amazing Ben! Dude you did a great job with a point ‘n shoot! Congrats!

This is awesome, Benj! We all know that feeling of falling in love w/ shooting.
For me, it was the 6 months my wife & I were living in England & travelling Europe.

We didn’t have a television, and I completely immersed myself into taking photos and developing them in lightroom.

Good times!

A good friend of mine also did her DTS in India, and she loved it. Really inspired me to want to make a trip out there. I’ve managed to visit a lot of other places, but not there yet. Awesome photos, Benj. I hope the DTS was just as awesome, though

you are such a raw talent. these are fantastic. are some of those in spiti or ladakh by any chance?

So many amazing images that made my heart stop! I would love to visit India someday. Thanks to this post, I already kind of feel like I have.

Wasn’t just VSCO that made these images look great. You obviously have natural talent.

Dude, check you out! Talented then, talented now. Gorgeous country.