Gif game on point Benj! Classic!

daaang these are good.
that dress too.

This wedding is just breath-taking. Amazing work.

This is just sick! Amazing work man!

woah! These are incredible Benj! If you were in the UK I would hire you haha

Adorable couple, amazing work. Perfect blend of storytelling and artistry!

Wowsers… Serious eye candy!! Amazing colours and eclectic mix of settings, I am in love!

love this one! those gifs are so fun.

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! Especially the cinemagraphs and the black and white shot of the couple dancing with the chandelier. May I ask what lens you used for that shot Benj? Bec x

Everything about this wedding looks so perfect! Great job!

[…] and meet my new nephew Killian. ¬†After these last uhhh 5 months of crazy amounts of work (btw check out these INCREDIBLE pics that Seattle-based photographer shot for a wedding I planned last month), I’m excited to have […]

I really love the after reception pictures! Great idea!

Oh my, the coverage is just breathtaking. The portraits in front of the light backdrop are lovely and the getting ready photos of the bride so pretty.

this is my favorite venue. you killed it. your colors are stunning. awesome! also, let her know i will take her dress off her hands now. haha. so beautiful.

Awesome palette of pastel colors. Great work.

oh man. I love these frames. The mixture of industrial – urban – love is amazing.

Amazing as always Benj! Gorgeous, gorgeous work!

What wonderful photography! You really captured the thrill of it all! Fantastic!

Holy sweet Jesus, Benj. This is freaking amazing. My eyeballs hurt from so much good. I pretty much love everything about this wedding.

Awesome !! love them all

Wonderful wonderful wonderful! Wow, love every shot, and the dress is stunning. Thanks for inspiring!

killer killer work bro….amazing set!

Absolutely mental work yet again. Hat. Off.

That dress is stunning…and so is your work.

What an awesome venue. Loving the photos in the street!

Stunning… Pretty much my favorite ever.

Dang, this set is off the charts. Dancing gifs!

love love LOVE! as always…amazing!!!

absolutely incredible!

Loving the gif files! what a beautiful wedding.

love those last few portraits especially. killer!

These photos and that DRESS…insane. Amazing.

So awesome. One of my favorites from you Benj. Love that venue!

These photos are incredible. Love.

Oh, Benj. This is just incredible.

amazing! “animated pictures” killed me.

Loving this wedding. SO great to have you in town, too. These are badass.

dude really? absolutely killed it!!!

America has the best venues! Once again beautiful photos Benj!

Wow! What a beautiful wedding, and the pictures are amazing per usual. I love the disco lights gif! Awesome :)

Dang!! These are breathtaking. Love the gifs and all your settings were fabulous!

SO good man. I’m really digging those gifs!

Love these. Nice to see a phenomenal Brooklyn space – it’s just stunning.

BENJ this is amazing. you’ve gotten so good. world class my friend.

Benj, this is great! Your work is a big inspiration to me.