Maddie and I had an insanely amazing wedding and our honeymoon was equally awesome. Here are a few shots that I liked while importing them today.honeymoon-5d-36w HONEYMOON! // PARIS, FRANCEhoneymoon-5d-46w HONEYMOON! // PARIS, FRANCEhoneymoon-5d-140w HONEYMOON! // PARIS, FRANCEhoneymoon-5d-192w HONEYMOON! // PARIS, FRANCEMass at Notre Dame.honeymoon-5d-257bw HONEYMOON! // PARIS, FRANCEhoneymoon-5d-273w HONEYMOON! // PARIS, FRANCEhoneymoon-5d-307w HONEYMOON! // PARIS, FRANCEhoneymoon-5d-317w HONEYMOON! // PARIS, FRANCEGood times at the Louvre.honeymoon-5d-331w HONEYMOON! // PARIS, FRANCEhoneymoon-5d-361w HONEYMOON! // PARIS, FRANCEViva La Vida.honeymoon-5d-372-copy1 HONEYMOON! // PARIS, FRANCEhoneymoon-5d-386w HONEYMOON! // PARIS, FRANCEhoneymoon-5d-690w HONEYMOON! // PARIS, FRANCEhoneymoon-5d-695w HONEYMOON! // PARIS, FRANCEMost epic Starbucks ever. Old Opera House converted to a coffeeshop.honeymoon-5d-794w HONEYMOON! // PARIS, FRANCEhoneymoon-5d-806w HONEYMOON! // PARIS, FRANCEhoneymoon-5d-809w HONEYMOON! // PARIS, FRANCEhoneymoon-5d-831w HONEYMOON! // PARIS, FRANCEhoneymoon-5d-1038w HONEYMOON! // PARIS, FRANCEhoneymoon-5d-1064w HONEYMOON! // PARIS, FRANCEhoneymoon-5d-988w HONEYMOON! // PARIS, FRANCE


Great frames Benj. like our work men. great B&W´s also.

so freaking rad! congratulations!!

congrats you two! what a fantastic honeymoon :) Wish you two the best. you’re gonna love marriage. it’s the best.

love the one of the elderly man & the baguette…and the nun praying while the world around her is moving…beautifully gripping, Benj.

wonderful photos, makes me wanna go to Paris immediately!

Awesome shots! They’ve changed the Mona Lisa’s case since I saw it oh, 12 years ago! :) Glad you had such a great time, and I can’t wait to see your wedding photos!!

mmmmmmmmmakes me want to go back… did you sign the wall by the notre dame? i really like the old guy and the pic of maddie thru the glass…LOVE these pics dude

You guys look really happy.

All three reflection shots are completely inspiring. The Mona Lisa is framed really nice too. Is that the 24 TS?

Excellent stuff! I feel some fine art prints coming on.

These are fab. It’s always fun to see my home city through someone else’s eyes.
Did you get to see La Sainte Chapelle?
I hope you both had a wonderful time anyway. And hey, congratulations!

these are soo beautiful! you both look really happy in the photos at the end :)

Benj!! These are so awesome! Congratulations again!

Truly beautiful! Well done in capturing the beautiful city of lights! I hope to go there soon myself and your photos have tided me over yet another day till I can see it with my own eyes! And Congrats to you two!!

rad, benj. digging how you saw the louvre.

Rad pics, thank you for sharing! Congrats to you guys, God bless!

These are FANTASTIC, Benj!!! Wow!

fantastic! love the bw conversions man.