Emmy is rad. When she first contacted me she started off by saying that she’s a musician and wanted to somehow get a vintage piano into a field for her shoot. Ummm yes please? Her plans fell through but since I’m a musician as well, I asked around and found someone who would let me borrow one for our shoot! She has been writing for recording with United Generation at Puyallup Foursquare and apparently has a ton more songs in the works! Here are just a few of my faves from her shoot.blogemmy-128 EMMYblogemmy-168 EMMYblogemmy-198 EMMYblogemmy-197 EMMYblogemmy-296 EMMYblogemmy-403 EMMYblogemmy-410 EMMY

Photographed in Edgewood, Puyallup, and Tacoma, WA


This is so much fun! Great!

I know that i already commented on Flickr.. but once again.. rad shoot!

Ekk! These are fantastic! I wish that was me with my piano, guitar, and camera! Inspiring that is for sure! :)

Benj, this last picture in black and white is so incredible. It is the only picture that has ever captured how much Emmy looks like my mother (her namesake: Mary Elizabeth Fisher) M.E. or Emmy is for Mary Elizabeth.
This is just a really powerful photograph for me.I have sent it to my sisters and find it very moving. Almost always people say Emmmy looks like her Dad’s sisters, but I knew my Mom was hiding in there! My mother had a voice like an angel too. THANK YOU!!
Cindy the mom

love the way you used the piano in just the part of the frame with the tilt shift! such a cool shot

I agree … the first photo is fabulous. I can see it as a cover on your first CD recording!! I can hardly wait, the songs I’ve been exposed have touched my soul.

These are so beautiful! Love the colors and angles!

Wow these photos are amazing. The colors are so vivid.

The first one is off the hook, man! It’s so intense and I can hear the music.

Wonderful pictures, especially the fourth when she’s lying on the grass