The shot of the father looking at the bride is GOLD.

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Gorgeous work Benj! Love your eye for detail and all the emotions you captured!

Awesome work. I love the antique-look photo of the guys, they totally fit the bill!

Fantastic photography!

THAT is a gorgeous wedding! Super strong work, as always!

really gorgeous wedding :)

Amazing as usual. Always inspired by your work.

Amazing, all of it, but those portraits at the end have me speechless!

Wow, what a beautiful bridal party! I absolutely adore those last three shots.

These are amazing, simply amazing. I love all the little details you have captured.

Sublime work throughout, crazy good!

Top to bottom solid work Benj.

I love these You are such an amazing photographer!

You always kill it Benj.

So much emotion and personality portrayed here.

What a fun and beautiful couple. Really like the sequences and how they show their personalities.

can’t stop smiling through every single photo. so good. 27 (the photo of all the boys) seriously floored me. every single photo is beautiful. their love is beautiful and completely overflowing. i love everything about this.

Your portraits, tones are gloriously beautiful

Incredible as always dude. The first dance shots are like whoa.

So SO beautiful! Your work seems to bring me to tears every. damn. time.

wow! seriously…..awesome

hi dear
how are you?
i hope you are enjoying good health with your husband (newly)
i am seeing your wedding pictures. in it you are looking like lily flower or moon or whit rose or Superior high quality shampain bottle really beautiful.
i feel that i am in your wedding ceremony with you.
many many happy congratulation.remember me in your pryers and May God give you long and happiness life…

protect you God.
Nadeen Farooqi

This should be featured somewhere bro. Beautiful

Seriously, I was getting all happy emotional during the ceremony shots and I don’t even know them. Beautiful shots!!!

So adorable and beautifully shot. some of those frames could win awards. Love this post!

These are amazing. Wow! Love the ceremony shots a ton!